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Ranging from voice and call flow solutions to meeting places and chat platforms, digital collaboration is a critical part of modern business. Flair Data Systems provides organizations with the ability to design and integrate IP communications applications into a complete unified solution. Unified Communications connects people and information, enabling comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences. Collaboration applications can increase communication with customers and within the organization.

Flair Data Systems can help any organization increase the speed of business with collaboration solutions.

The following products provide solutions that can be used to increase both communication with customers and communication within the organization.

Cisco WebEx 
WebEx is a dynamic web-based meetings service that can increase productivity and accelerate results across an organization.  Give employees the ability to meet with anyone, anywhere, in real time, using the Cisco WebEx software.

Unified MeetingPlace
MeetingPlace is a premises-based conferencing system that integrates voice, video and web conferencing capabilities to give remote meetings a natural and effective face-to-face quality.

Presence is the capability for users to see the status of another user in the organization.  In addition to eliminating questions of availability, Presence allows users to chat, and escalate chats to voice calls, video calls and MeetingPlace meetings in a seamless interface. Below are three Cisco Presence options.

Cisco Unified Presence is a standards-based platform that delivers enhanced presence-enable collaboration with Cisco Unified Communications and other critical business applications.  It provides the ability to share availability information and instant messages with coworkers within your business or between businesses.  Users can use the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator on the desktop or Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator on mobile phones to see presence information of other users.

Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator is a desktop integration for Microsoft Office Communicator and extends proven Cisco unified communications services to a workspace.  Employees can benefit from the investment protection and reduced complexity delivered by the single call control solution.

Cisco Unified Communications with IBM Lotus streamlines communications and enhances collaboration by accessing Cisco Unified Communications services from Lotus Sametime.  It simplifies placing voice and video calls, checking voice messages, sharing documents, and initiating multiparty conferences from Lotus Sametime.

Flair Data Systems offers a full suite of Unified IP Communications solutions and endpoints.  These solutions allow the organization to extend integrated communications services to employees in all workspaces, whether they are on a main campus, at branch offices, or working remotely.

IP Telephony solutions are a critical part of Unified Communications, allowing an organization to unify voice, video, data and mobile application to enable users to communicate in any capacity, with greater mobility.  Flair Data Systems offers IP solutions to fit any size organization or Unified Communications requirement.

Call Processing Solutions
Call processing solutions provide voice, video, mobility and presence services to IP phones.

Unified Communications Manager is a scalable, distributable and a highly-available enterprise-class IP telephony call-processing system.  It is ideal for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.  Communications Manager supports a full range of communications features and applications.

Unified Communications Manager Business Edition integrates media processing and messaging on a single platform.  It is ideal for medium-sized businesses and supports growth for up to 500 employees and 20 sites.

Unified Communications Manager Express allows deployment in a small business environment.  This solution provides powerful call processing for Cisco Unified IP Phones as part of a converged voice and data solution empowered by a Cisco router.

IP Phones
IP phones are available in wired and wireless versions. IP phones provide the functionality for Unified Communications Manager applications.

An integral part of Unified Communications, messaging solutions make collaboration a part of everyday business. Messaging solutions drive productivity and accelerate business processes by enabling employees to access and deliver messages via any medium, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Flair Data Systems offers three Cisco messaging solutions that cover requirements found across industries.

Cisco Unity Connection has customizable communications options that enable managing calls and voicemail messages to suit the organization’s needs.  It contains a natural, comprehensive speech-activated user interface for voice message and calendar access.  Visual voicemail on a Cisco Unified IP Phone, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, an email client or a web browser let users prioritize messages at a glance and respond faster to callers.

Cisco Unity is a reliable, secure, scalable and full-featured voice and unified messaging platform.  Unified messaging with Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino enables email access, voice and fax messages from a single inbox anytime, anywhere and on any device.  Cisco Unity is the ideal solution for a distributed or mobile workforce.

Cisco Unity Express is an affordable voice messaging and greeting services application for increased customer service and improved employee communications for the small business and branch office.  The solution includes intuitive telephone prompts and a web-based interface for fast, convenient voicemail, as well as auto attendant and interactive voice response administration.  The new TimeCardView application allows employees, supervisors and payroll specialists to enter and manage time-card data from their Cisco Unified IP phone or computer.

Flair Data provides organizations with the ability to design and integrate IP communications applications into a complete unified solution. Unified Communications connects people and information, enabling comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences.

Unified Communications can:

Connect people to the information and expertise they need
• Access information anytime, anywhere
• Enable better collaboration, dynamically joining individuals and teams
• Give remote personnel the ability to be productive anywhere
• Integrate collaboration and communications into the applications and business processes
• Encourage innovation within the company

Digital Acoustics is a leading developer and manufacturer of IP audio solutions; including IP intercoms, IP speakers, and IP amplifiers. Digital Acoustics also offers text-to-speech options, where user-generated text is converted to clear audio at the endpoint(s). Digital Acoustics systems range from simple overhead paging to multi-way, multi-platform and networked systems that integrate emergency notifications, building security systems and two-way intercoms. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, a single location or locations all over the world, their technology allows secure connectivity throughout. Digital Acoustics products are compatible with most VoIP phone systems that support SIP 2.0 protocol. Digital Acoustics products are compatible with Singlewire’s Informacast software, IPcelerate’s IPsession software, SureView Systems’s IMMIX software, and AcroVista’s BellCommander software. Digital Acoustics has also developed their own software management suite for IP audio endpoints, TalkMaster Focus. Digital Acoustics also offers software development kits (SDKs) that enable customers to integrate their IP audio endpoints into a customer’s software and hardware systems.

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