Data Center Colocation & Cloud

Floor space, power, cooling, and bandwidth like you’ve never seen before. These data centers are supreme, with many available carriers, dual power sources, and more. The amount of space rented is entirely up to you — anywhere from a partial rack to an entire data center.

Our colocation services can be combined with other cloud solutions such as managed applications, and managed databases.

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We pride ourselves on partnering with your business and sharing your goals – and that includes saving you money. 


Our service places your business’ existing hardware in purpose-built data center facilities, ensuring reliability with redundant power, cooling, and connectivity to guarantee up-time for applications while protecting your IT environment. 

These data centers also house cloud service providers, meaning extra capacity is just a cross-connect away. Customers can burst into the cloud as needed or migrate as they depreciate hardware in a true hybrid cloud configuration.

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We offer you an initial consultation and analysis, during which we explore your business needs and current set-up. Contact us to get started.

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